Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Interesting HTML5 FOSS games

I’ve been looking for interesting free and open-source HTML5 games that could be ported to Ubuntu, or could serve as a starting point for your project.

Heroine Dusk

RPG-adventure by Clint Bellanger. Code is GPLv3, Assets CC-BY-SA 3.0, Name is trademarked,

Bubble Shoot

Shoot bubbles and break three or more of the same color, AGPL,


Shoot the asteroids before they hit you, AGPL,


Strong chess engine, BSD/MIT/GPL,

Number Pairs

Find matching numbers, AGPL,


Search the damaged nuclear satellite and collect all radioactive particles before it crashes to earth, GPL v3,

Project Balls

A simple puzzle game, GPL v3,


A free puzzle game in which you have to destroy balls to gain points, MIT,


There is a webapp in the Ubuntu store, but it is just a bookmark instead of a fully packaged HTML5 app.

Sliding Tiles puzzle


Slide and Survive

Just move the green square and try to escape from the red ones, GPL,

Euler Square

Explore and puzzle the world of Graeco-Latin Squares up to 10×10 size,


A Mastermind clone,


Get the cue ball into the hole,


A game for playing Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock,

Bubble Pop

A simple bubble popping game with the goal of collecting as many bubbles of the same color next to each other as possible,


A puzzle game inspired by Tetris, GPLv3,


A Snake game with a twist,


A classic snake game, GPL,


Habit tracking which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game,


Play a two player abstract perfect-information strategy board game, “Oware” or “Ouril”, with a friend sharing your device, MIT,


This a a libre HTML5 rewrite of the UNIX rewrite of the MS-DOS program “Dope Wars”, MIT,


It’s a simple Wack a mole where you have to do the best score,

Math Clouds!

Want to test your mathematicians skills? MPL2,

Sneaky Snake

You are a sneaky snake. Eat tasty blueberries to grow. Watch out for yourself and the edges.


A two-player abstract strategy board game, GPLv3,

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