Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hacking the bq, Part 4: Building and booting a kernel

NOTE: Thanks to Ondrej Kubik and Oliver Grawert from Canonical for their input.

Sometimes you want to run your own kernel on the device because the production kernels don’t have all the interesting options enabled. Or you want to change the kernel commandline used by the bootloader. The following instructions have been tested with the bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition.

Installing the prerequisites

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-androideabi abootimg

Without these installed, the build will silently fail.

Building the kernel

Check out the aquaris-E4.5-ubuntu-master branch:

$ git clone -b aquaris-E4.5-ubuntu-master aquaris-E4.5-ubuntu-master

$ cd aquaris-E4.5-ubuntu-master

Change the kernel configuration (if necessary):

$ vim mediatek/config/krillin/autoconfig/kconfig/project

Build the kernel:

$ ./makeMtk -t krillin n k

Build the Android boot image:

$ cd testboot/

$ ./

You should end up with a boot.img file.

Booting the new kernel once

Boot the phone into Fastboot mode and then run the following command on the host:

$ fastboot boot boot.img

The image will be downloaded, the phone will take a bit to process it and then run the modified kernel until the next reboot.

Permanently booting the new kernel

Boot the phone into Fastboot mode and then run the following commands on the host:

$ fastboot flash boot boot.img

$ fastboot reboot

The new kernel has now been permanently flashed to the device and will be booted until it is overwritten by the user or an OTA update.

Changing the kernel command line

An Android boot image consists of the kernel image, an initrd and a bootimg.cfg parameter file for the bootloader. The bootimg.cfg supports a cmdline parameter, whose value will be appended to the default kernel command line.

The easiest way to change this is to use abootimg and change this parameter in-place:

$ abootimg -u boot.img -c "cmdline=debug"

Now boot the image as shown above.

If you know better and/or something has changed, please find me on or the Freenode IRC and do get in contact!

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