Meet the “Cat Supremacy License” for software

A recent thread on the debian-curiosa mailing list brought up this license after a Debian ftpmaster rejected the braillegraph 0.1 package because of it:

#                  Cat Supremacy License, version √-1
# Everyone who recognizes the superiority of the species Felis catus over
# mere Homo sapiens is hereby gladly granted the right to use, modify,
# distribute, sell, borrow, give, steal, pee on, print out and use as a
# kindle, deface, scribble on, give less, more or same respect as $PRESIDENT
# of $YOUR_COUNTRY gives to the Constitution, etc, and so on, this software;
# with or without modifications, in either a preferred or unpreferred form
# for modification, with or without a fee of any kind.
# Those who have yet to mend the error of their ways are also given all of
# the above rights, albeit grudgingly.

I think it roughly translates to the same as Public Domain and stands in line with the WTFPL (Do What The F*** You Want To Public License), but uses a somewhat nicer wording. The ftpmaster doesn’t “think that cats are superior and given the behaviour of my cats I know that this is not erroneous”, so the license wouldn’t grant him the right to print the software out. I couldn’t find more references to this license other than in an older commit to the braillegraph GitHub repository. The license has since then been changed.

The thread starts here.

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