Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A word on customer support

Case one: I got an used Acer H6500 DLP projector (original price about 700 euros) for free because it started to display black vertical lines over the whole picture. It was already out of warranty, so I thought “well, this is probably going to be expensive, but let’s see how much they want for the repair”.

Acer Germany repaired the device for about 80 euros, including free shipping in both directions. I highly doubt they made a profit on this case.

Case two: An MSI GP60 laptop (original price about 750 euros) was dropped by its owner from a desk about 9 months after the purchase. Luckily it still fully worked, but a piece of the display back cover was broken off. I thought “Well, it’s just a piece of plastic, how much can it be?”. I took it back to the retailer and they sent it to MSI. A week later MSI answered with a cost estimate of 330 euros. The guys at the retailer were so perplexed that they actually called the manufacturer and asked if this was a mistype, but it wasn’t.

You may guess which company I will no longer recommend.

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